About Us

IMPORTANT: AbsenteeBallots is not affiliated with the any state, government, or any government agencies in any way. This site was inspired after spending a full day in long lines equipped with the wrong information after going to the local Polling Location. The information should be readily available to make the process easier. We stand for taking any complexity and making it easy to understand.

AbsenteeBallots mission is to provide non-partisan access to trusted election information, promote participation in our democracy, and increase voter turnout. It was built to provide both helpful resources and assistance with absentee ballot. We aim to get your absentee voting and election information all in one place. No matter what side of the political divide you subscribe to, your voice is an important one. Voting is a meaningful way to express yourself and support the issues you care about. While voting in elections is not an obligation, it is fundamentally the most important right and privilege granted to all US citizens. AbsenteeBallots is an independent site not interested in who you vote for but making sure you get out and vote. To support our initiative, we also provide you with important resources and benefit you may be interested in. We request you take the brief survey to express your interests and will email your voter registration information to the email address provided. Unlike most voter registration drives, AbsenteeBallots does not sell your data to any political party. Registering to vote may not be an obligation but it's certainly a privilege. Thank you for using the service. Also, due to the current economic situation, we will be updating this site on a regular basis with updated information and news.